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Digital designer + producer + manager


A Creative Director and design leader with over 19 years of design and management experience in digital media, specializing in: content creation, concept development, creative vision, innovation, strategy, and product management.

I specialize in digital content design, creation and strategy, as well as collaborating with cross-functional teams and high-level stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions with digital media. I excel in developing creative approaches through design and technologies to translate abstract concepts into compelling stories, campaigns and experiences that connect with end-users and clients.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein



    • Lead and manage a global multidisciplinary creative group of 12 that includes design, media and web teams.
    • Oversee creative vision, brand, budget, schedules, vendor relationships, workflows, resource allocation and hiring.
    • Collaborate with executive stakeholders, vendors and creative team to identify narratives, develop engaging concepts, and apply innovative storytelling formats.
    • Grew creative team and implemented project management tools and workflow processes to improve efficiencies in order to scale publishing volume while minimizing cost increases, maintaining quality, and adhering to sub-brand.

      • Led and managed a successful redesign and migration of the Deloitte University Press website from WordPress to Adobe AEM platform, overseeing entire project lifecycle from gathering stakeholder requirements to developing design and functionality improvements, working with a Deloitte Digital team of 15.
      • Managed the development and overhaul of the website UI, integrated multi-layered and interconnected design, and managed all contracts, budgets, timelines, and communications for implementation.

      Deloitte University Press

      • Video production
      • Interactive design
      • Project management

      Responsible for delivering Deloitte’s preeminent thought leadership to clients through leading digital experiences. My projects often span offices, time zones and hemispheres, and it’s my job to provide the vision and keep all the players coordinated on the project’s progress and deadlines.

      My duties include: managing a global cross-functional team of storytellers, designers and developers; identifying, evaluating and prioritizing content suitable for interactive graphics, videos, and rich-media storytelling; conceptualizing and defining the project vision; collaborating with stakeholders to identify project goals and prioritizing workload and resources across multiple concurrent projects; sourcing and engaging external vendors from around the world, overseeing contracts, ensuring budgets and timelines are met while bringing the vision to life; and coordinating with the deployment team to effectively market the project across multiple channels.

      My efforts have contributed to making DU Press a resounding success, rocketing Deloitte from #18 to #1 in less than four years in the White Space thought leadership rankings by Source Information Services.

      As a technical lead for DUPress.com, I liase with support vendors and cross-functional team leads to develop and deploy needed site enhancements and resolve technical issues.

      Deloitte University Press

      • Branding
      • Art direction

      My contributions as part of the founding DU Press team in the capacity of an associate creative director have been numerous and impactful, including: working with the creative director to design and establish the visual identity; designing and implementing templates with advanced export features to facilitate publication to the web platform; designing, developing and implementing responsive html email templates for newsletters before they were common; more recently, starting the media team to expand digital media offerings and experiences; mentoring and guiding designers; as well as working with other team leads to support the shared vision of delivering the best thought leadership in the world.

      Deloitte Creative Services

      • Art direction
      • Project management
      • Graphic Design

      Collaborated with high-level stakeholders, project teams and clients while leading junior designers on diverse print and multimedia projects for both internal and client-facing engagements, proposals and campaigns. My duties involved: art direction, including ideation with stakeholders to develop vision and style that would effectively communicate content in innovative formats; print and digital design; and project management. Creative solutions were often required to work within limited available resources and timelines. Media formats included: videos, Flash interactive graphics, animated PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and print presentations.

      I also mentored junior designers and created new templates that were used by other designers. My services were constantly in high demand by partners and directors due to the quality of my work and creative interpretation of abstract and complex material.

      Deloitte Consulting, LLP

      • Graphic design
      • Client proposals

      Worked closely with senior managers, directors and partners to design and produce client-facing materials including: engagement proposals, presentations, deliverables, promotions, and other creative projects. Introduced creative new visual approaches to presenting content using both professional tools such as Flash, and business tools such as PowerPoint.

      Internet Shopping Network (ISN.com)

        Analyzed internal operations for a pioneer start-up Internet commerce company (since incorporated into HSN.com). Used analysis to design procedures and build tools to increase efficiency and capabilities for a rapidly growing start-up.

        Freelance Video Production

        • Directing
        • Editing
        • Scripting
        • Shooting

        Provided video production services including: scripting, shooting, editing, producing, and directing for corporate videos, distance learning, and broadcast music videos. Clients included: Stanford University, Stanford Instructional Television Network, San Francisco State University, and WYSIWYG? Productions.

        A.B. American Studies

        • Communications
        • Cultural Studies

        Focus on communications, design and cultural studies.